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Important Coronavirus Information

As news and information about the coronavirus is updated from day to day, the safety and well-being of our clients and employees is our top priority. With that in mind, we have taken several steps to protect the health and safety of our colleagues, while ensuring the services we offer are still available to everyone in need. We are still open and in addition to continuing to offer in-person services, we are now offering Teletherapy!

We are now offering Teletherapy!

Teletherapy is the online delivery of speech, occupational, and physical therapy services via high-resolution, live video conferencing. Teletherapy sessions are very similar to traditional speech, occupational, or physical therapy sessions with one major exception. Instead of sitting in the same room, children and therapists interact via live video conferencing.

During therapy sessions, the children and therapist can see, hear, and interact with one another in real time, using webcams, headsets, and a live, online learning environment.

If you’ve ever used Skype on your computer or FaceTime on your iPhone, you’ve used a similar type of technology.

The actual therapy is the same as the therapist would deliver face-to-face, only teletherapy is done with a computer! Licensed therapists use traditional therapy techniques and activities and enhance those techniques through innovative software and tools and have the technology literally at their fingertips to plan and deliver high-quality services.

What is Teletherapy?

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