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We offer speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, behavioral (ABA) therapy, academic tutoring, and social skills groups to the birth to 21 pediatric population. 

Speech & Language


- Autism

- Receptive/Expressive language delays

- Articulation Disorders

- Phonological Impairments

- Pragmatics (social skills groups)

- Oral Motor Therapy

- Childhood Apraxia of Speech

- Auditory Processing Disorders

- Fluency/Stuttering

- Parental training/Education

- Reading/Lindamood-Bell techniques

- Academic performance

Occupational Therapy


- Fine and Visual Motor skills

- Gross Motor Skills

- Handwriting Without Tears

- Body Awareness and Coordination skills

- Self-Regulation

- Sensory Processing Skills

- Attention to task

- Feeding skills

- Self-Care Skills

- Executive Function/Organization

- Safety Awareness

- Activities of Daily living

- Tactile defensiveness related to dressing/feeding

Articles & Resources
Our Treatment Includes


- Down Syndrome
- Autism Spectrum Disorder

- Asperger’s

- Pervasive Developmental Disorder

- Pragmatic Difficulties

- Sensory Integration
- Expressive/Receptive Language Delays

- Articulation Disorders

- Childhood Apraxia of Speech
- Feeding/swallowing Difficulties
- Oral Motor Weakness
- Attention Deficits
- Dyslexia/Reading Difficulties

- Auditory Processing Disorders

- Acquired Brain Injury

- Aphasia

- Cerebral Palsy

- Chromosomal Syndromes

- Coordination Difficulties

- Developmental Delay

- Developmental Dysarthria

- Failure to Thrive

- Handwriting Difficulties

- Hypotonia (low tone)

- Movement Motor Control Disorders

- Toritcollis

ABA Therapy


- Reduce undesirable behaviors

- Helping children to express themselves in socially appropriate way

- Reduce non-compliance

- Reduce self-stimulatory behaviors

- Reduce avoidance behaviors

 increase positive behaviors

- Reinforcements to facilitate compliance

 increasing intrinsic need to communicate   

- Teach positive replacement behaviors

- Increase learning opportunities 

- Teach meaningful behavior change

- Teach independence skills

- Increase prosocial behavior 
- Increase adaptive life skills 
- Assist in skill acquisition 
- Teach coping strategies 
- Self regulation

Academic Tutoring

At OCSS we offer private, one-on-one tutoring for students struggling with reading, spelling, writing, math and critical thinking skills. All our methods are tailored for the specific needs of each individual student and administered by our highly trained tutors and therapists. Call us today to gather more information about academic tutoring.

Physical Therapy


Our Physical Therapists:


- Evaluate and treat children from birth to age 21

- Provide a plan of care to address goals agreed upon by the parent, child (if able to communicate)  and the physical therapist

- Utilize treatment techniques to assist in reaching  developmental milestones

- Reduce impairments  

- Restore function

- Improve quality of life for the child and caregiver

- Assist in the ordering of equipment and orthotics 

For further information on any of our services please
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