We offer a wide array of services, including Speech Therapy, ABA Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Social Skills Groups!

We provide comprehensive evaluation and treatment, focusing on and including the following...

Speech & Language


- Autism

- Receptive/Expressive language delays

- Articulation Disorders

- Phonological Impairments

- Pragmatics (social skills groups)

- Oral Motor Therapy

- Childhood Apraxia of Speech

- Auditory Processing Disorders

- Fluency/Stuttering

- Parental training/Education

- Reading/Lindamood-Bell techniques

- Academic performance

Occupational Therapy


- Fine and Visual Motor skills

- Gross Motor Skills

- Handwriting Without Tears

- Body Awareness and Coordination skills

- Self-Regulation

- Sensory Processing Skills

- Attention to task

- Feeding skills

- Self-Care Skills

- Executive Function/Organization

- Safety Awareness

- Activities of Daily living

- Tactile defensiveness related to dressing/feeding

Articles & Resources
Our Treatment Includes


- Down Syndrome
- Autism Spectrum Disorder

- Asperger’s

- Pervasive Developmental Disorder

- Pragmatic Difficulties

- Sensory Integration
- Expressive/Receptive Language Delays

- Articulation Disorders

- Childhood Apraxia of Speech
- Feeding/swallowing Difficulties
- Oral Motor Weakness
- Attention Deficits
- Dyslexia/Reading Difficulties

- Auditory Processing Disorders

- Acquired Brain Injury

- Aphasia

- Cerebral Palsy

- Chromosomal Syndromes

- Coordination Difficulties

- Developmental Delay

- Developmental Dysarthria

- Failure to Thrive

- Handwriting Difficulties

- Hypotonia (low tone)

- Movement Motor Control Disorders

- Toritcollis

ABA Therapy


- Reduce undesirable behaviors

- Helping children to express themselves in socially appropriate way

- Reduce non-compliance

- Reduce self-stimulatory behaviors

- Reduce avoidance behaviors

 increase positive behaviors

- Reinforcements to facilitate compliance

 increasing intrinsic need to communicate   

- Teach positive replacement behaviors

- Increase learning opportunities 

- Teach meaningful behavior change

- Teach independence skills

- Increase prosocial behavior 
- Increase adaptive life skills 
- Assist in skill acquisition 
- Teach coping strategies 
- Self regulation

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Physical Therapy


Our Physical Therapists:


- Evaluate and treat children from birth to age 21

- Provide a plan of care to address goals agreed upon by the parent, child (if able to communicate)  and the physical therapist

- Utilize treatment techniques to assist in reaching  developmental milestones

- Reduce impairments  

- Restore function

- Improve quality of life for the child and caregiver

- Assist in the ordering of equipment and orthotics